Virtual Behavior Consultations


Via Phone, Skype or FaceTime

This is especially convenient for people with time constraints, who live further away or out

of state.  

Virtual Behavior Consultations address a wide variety of behavior problems, but not all behavior problems are appropriate for a Virtual Behavior Consultation.  Email Christine at prior to submitting your request to schedule a virtual appointment. Include a brief description of your dog's behavioral issue and Christine will promptly reply with a determination.

How Do I Prepare For a Virtual Behavior Consultation?

You prepare for a virtual consultation the same as an in-home consultation, beginning with completing the "Behavioral History Questionnaire" located on the Behavior Consulting page. 

How Long is a Virtual Behavior Consultation?

Virtual behavior consultations are 60 minutes long.  

What Can I Expect During a Virtual Behavior Consultation?

Christine will have reviewed the completed questionnaire prior to your scheduled appointment, discuss the content with you during the consult and outline a behavior plan based on your dog's specific issue(s).  Supporting materials are provided as needed.  If you select a Skype or FaceTime consult, she may ask to observe your dog.   

What Happens After a Virtual Behavior Consultation?

Christine will provide you with email support during the initial behavior modification process.  Additional 30-minute support consults are available as needed.

How Much Does a Virtual Behavior Consultation Cost?

60-minute consultation - $100

30-minute support consult - $55

To schedule a Virtual Behavior Consultation, please click on the following link:

Virtual Quick Coaching:

Short on time, but big on doggy problems?  Introducing Quick Coaching!   Ideal for people on the go or anyone who needs help for just one or two behavior topics.
Quick Coaching provides 30-minutes of Phone, Skype or FaceTime support for a variety of behavior topics including, but not limited to:

  • Inter-household multi-dog squabbles
  • Training tips
  • Children and dogs
  • New puppy or adult dog
  • Socialization
  • Introducing a new dog to your resident dog
  • Introducing your dog to a new baby
  • Resource guarding
  • House soiling
  • Nipping/snapping
  • Jumping

Cost:  $55 - 30 minutes 

To schedule a virtual Quick Coaching consult, please click on the following link: