Q & A


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why should I choose Christine over another trainer? 

A:  Not all trainers and training methods are alike!  Christine has passed the rigorous certification process through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) for Certified Behavior Consultant Canine and Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  She has helped hundreds of clients resolve troubling behavior issues and is referred by veterinarians, colleagues, shelters and rescues to help with behaviors such as aggression, anxiety, fear, phobias, compulsive disorders and unruly behavior. Christine is a compassionate, seasoned professional with a proven track record of success.  

Q:  What training methods are used?

A:  Christine uses science-based training techniques that always support positive, force-free principles.  She never uses aversive training equipment or harsh corrections and is an advocate for the humane treatment of animals.  

Q:  How do I prepare for a behavior consultation?

A:  All behavior consultations require that you complete the "Behavioral History Questionnaire" located at the bottom of the "Services" page.

Q:  How long is a behavior consultation?

A:  Consultations are typically 90 minutes long, but can run longer.

Q:  What can I expect during a behavior consultation?

A:  Christine will have reviewed the completed questionnaire prior to your scheduled consultation.  This information, along with meeting you and assessing your dog, will assist her in creating an appropriate plan to address and change your dog's concerning behavior.  She will get you started on a path toward success during the consultation. 

Q:  What happens after the behavior consultation?

A:  A one hour follow-up session is strongly recommended 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation to assess progress and/or make adjustments to the plan.  Additional one hour sessions are contingent upon your dog's behavioral response.  Depending on your dog's behavioral issue, Christine may be able to give you the tools so that you can work with your dog without additional assistance.  This will be determined at consultation as many factors are considered.  She will, of course, provide you with complete support both during and after behavior modification.  

Q:  How much does a behavior consultation cost?

A:  Consultation fees can vary depending on distance traveled.  Contact Christine for pricing to your area.

Q:  Does Christine offer other training?

A:  Yes!  Christine offers private lessons and manners training for puppies and adult dogs.

Q:  What type of payment do you accept?

A:  Dogology accepts all forms of payment (cash, check or credit/debit cards).