Manners Training


In-Home Training:  

Consider Manners Training for the following examples:

  • Does your dog takes YOU for a walk? 
  • Embarrassed when your dog jumps on you and your guests?
  • Frustrated by your dog soiling in the house?
  • Does your dog love surfing the counters? 
  • Is your dog an attention hound?
  • Is everything a chew toy to your dog (shoes, furniture, etc.)?
  • Does your dog's constant barking driving you crazy?

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of the above, Manners Training is the answer.

Christine offers Manners Training in the privacy of your own home, customized to your specific needs and goals.  She focuses on teaching the fundamentals of:  sit, down, come-when-called, stay, leave it, leash walking, polite greetings, etc. (should you choose), while solving the undesirable behaviors that can be frustrating to you and your family.

A single one-hour session starts at $90.  Package pricing is available upon request.  Travel fee may apply.

Email Christine at to schedule an appointment.